Digital identity

I have been named as Laila, Laila Jan, Laila Shaikh, and Laila Jan Shaikh. So I can google my name by all these words. I found numerous accounts with these names.

There was not a big difference when I was searching in incognito mode or DuckDuckGo, except that google found my LinkedIn account and DuckDuckGo also found my Facebook account. I was glad to see that I could not find any personal information or biography about me on the web.

What are the top websites and apps that you use daily?

I use Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, BestBuy, Macy’s, and numerous other websites.

How much time do you spend on your phone or online?

I spend a lot of time online; sometimes, I may be online or on phone almost all the time. I feel isolated without these indispensable things.

How accurate was the information you found about yourself?

LinkedIn and Facebook account that I found were definitely mine. But I could not find any biography or information about me.

Do you ever self-censor online? (If so, which sites and why?)

Yes, I do. I have my friends from different countries and nationalities having different cultures, so it does not hurt anyone or lad to any conflict.

Have you ever actively removed content because of concerns about how it reflected on your digital identity? Why?

I self-censor my content before sharing it, not after being shared. Therefore, I have rarely removed any content after sharing.

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